In which I explain why I didn’t get bent over the Sabres/Pens game

I am a hockey fan. I know, you’re surprised. I am, too. Let’s all get over it. Ok? Moving on …

Let me explain. I am a hockey fan. I can find good and bad things about my team and others. I can always find a game to watch and enjoy when my team isn’t playing. I firmly believe that you’re not a hockey fan if you can’t enjoy games that don’t in involve your team. You merely like a team. I am a hockey fan first, an Amerks/Sabres fan second.

I joke a lot with my friends and family that, if the Sabres fell off the planet tomorrow, I’d probably become a rabid Pens fan. I adore Sid, Geno, and Flower, and I have a soft spot (in more ways than one) for Matt Cooke, even though he’s a dirty son of a bitch. It’s a difficult predicament to be in, loving two teams that much, but usually it doesn’t matter (and it really won’t once the league realigns and the teams only meet twice). When they meet, I feel like I have an extra appreciation, but that I’m greedy – I get to celebrate every goal, enjoy a win either way.

Some might think that’s ridiculous and that I’m just a girl who can’t make up her mind. But that’s the beauty of being a HOCKEY fan first. I appreciate the game from both angles and I can walk away with a much more unbiased review of the game. (Yeah, right … something like that haha).

Believe me – I know that the Sabres are falling apart. They are hemorrhaging money and players. We thought it was a winning at home problem, we thought that it was an injury problem. Now we’re wondering if it’s a coaching problem. A friend tweeted last night that our “goalie controversy” was much more fun when we thiught both of our goalies were good. Having two slumping goalies is a nightmare (get your shit together, boys). I don’t know what the problem is, but something has to change. In the mean time, I’ll savor a Pens win, mourn another Sabres loss, and keep screaming at my TV.

Until next time – peace, love, and puck:


The plight of the AHL fan

It’s an interesting spot to be in as an AHL fan. You want your team to do well, obviously. You also want to see your players make it to the big dance and do well there, too. There is a small part of the AHL fan, though, that does not want to see them go. When the Amerks were affiliated with the Florida Panters, this was rarely a concern. The Panthers didn’t particularly care about us and we, in turn, didn’t particularly care about them. They occasionally borrowed a player, but they were usually returned no worse for the wear. The Amerks were also so inconsistent that the missing player rarely (but sometimes) made an impact. And, to top all of it off, the Panthers were so far out of our market that we almost never got to see them play anyways.

As much as I hate to admit it, since the Amerks and SabresĀ  have become reaffiliated, this feeling has become a strong one in me. It is NOT that I don’t want these boys to go play in Buffalo. Of course I do. I’m a Sabres fan. I never imagined, however, that they’d all get called up AT THE SAME TIME, and that they’d all STAY THERE. It’s any hockey fan’s worst nightmare: Practically the whole team is injured (or suspended), and fans on Twitter are now rumbling about the “Buffalo Sabericans.” With continual confirmations of injuries and discipline in Buffalo, both teams are losing players left, right, and center. And defense. And goaltender. There have also been a lot of Sabres fans moaning about the Amerks fans who “don’t want to see the Amerks in Buffalo.”

Let me set you knuckleheads straight: We want to see them in Buffalo. But we’re not used to our players being taken from us, and not all at the same time!! It’s awesome to be able to see guys like Kassian, McNabb, and friends in Buffalo making a difference. And we’ve been able to see players in Rochester that we may not have seen otherwise – or at least not seen on a consistent basis. But … can we have our boys back now, Darcy? Pretty please??
Peace, love, and pucks:

Hello world!

I’m totally stealing that headline, because I’m a) tired, b) super uncreative right now, and c) …

There is no C. Sorry.

So, I created a wordpress account for one reason, and it might turn into this reason. If that makes sense. I’m Stephanie, and I am a hockey fan. I follow the NHL as a whole, but my heart lies with the Buffalo Sabres. I’ve also been a Rochester Americans fan my whole life, and it’s a lot easier to love both teams now that they’re affiliated again. I have a lot to say about hockey, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this!

Peace, love, and pucks: